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Lee Zangari is our local Tiny Desk favorite

Amelia Mason, WBUR


"What are the ingredients to a good song? Like a homemade tomato sauce, best not to overcomplicate it. A simple chord progression; a singable melody; a touch of dissonance, but not too much. A bridge that isn’t trying too hard. A refrain that deepens the longer you listen.

Lee Zangari’s “A Man Is A Man” renders these components with exquisite simplicity. Both verse and chorus unfold over the same descending motif, plucked unhurriedly on a mountain dulcimer. The melody twists pleasingly over this spare, cyclical arrangement... Zangari performed "A Man Is A Man" for their entry to NPR's 2022 Tiny Desk Contest. [I]t did win the hearts, and ears, of WBUR's own panelists (Billy Dean Thomas, Charley Rudell, Christian Burno, Erin Chase and myself), who were tasked with selecting a local favorite from among the nearly 150 Tiny Desk Contest entries from Massachusetts."

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"Ethereal, inventive, and uplifting, [Zangari] delivers truly brilliant songs propelled by [a] superb voice and complex string work." Doug Sloan, Metronome Magazine

"The melody is serpentine, and though there’s a simplicity in [the] delivery — easy, relaxed, unaffected — it belies the richness and depth of both the rhythm and the lyrics." Mali Sastri, WBUR

"This song sounds closely like a young Sinead O’Connor. Still the same bright-eyed artist though, keeping those traditional tones and mixing them with a contemporary arched eyebrow. Take a few listens and watch as you succumb to its charms." Kevin Hugger, mp3hugger


"Avoid[s] blasé singer-songwriter tropes ... while storytelling and good songwriting are often at odds, [Zangari] naturally succeeds at both." Mikey Enwright, Sound of Boston

"The title track, and 'Going Home,' have a certain soft-focus fragility. 'On My Way to You' is both spare and joyous. Fans of Fairport Convention and other avatars of the British folk music movement might find much to like here." Francis DiMenno, The Noise

"Uniquely gentle and refreshing. Artful and intelligent. Smooth on the ears with lyrical edge. " Tom Bianchi


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